Spy Game

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Spy Game features high-resolution win animations. Hitting 4 or more icons in a row triggers a fun, spy themed animation. There are different animations for EACH icon. Try to see them all!


Game Information:

• Available Coin Denominations/Bet Size: 0.01,0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 configurable, up to 5 coins, up to 15 lines.
• Default Coin Denomination/Bet Size: 0.05 coin, 5 coins, 15 lines Total bet: 3.75
• Default Jackpot/per line: 0.05*800*50 coins = 200.00
0.05*800*5 coins*4x Multiplier = 800.00 (Free Spin)
0.05*800*5 coins*12x Multiplier = 2400.00 (Free Spin & Wild)
• Maximum Jackpot/per line: Playing default limit: 0.05*800*5 coins*12x Multiplier = 24,000.00
• Maximum bonus Round Win: 0.50*66*5 coins*4xMultiplier = 660.00
Special features:

o 3 or more free spin icons trigger 10 free spins with a 4X multiplier. Wild multipliers will then be 12X. Free spins are not

o 3 unique, mission based bonus rounds.

o NEW! Exciting free spin accumulation feature, which triggers the bonus round if special icons are hit before the free spins run out.

o NEW! Dynamic free spin animations. The animations change depending on which of the special icons have been hit.

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