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    duckey Guest

    Post help keep people playin in ky

    Fellow members of NDN if you live in ky or live in states that have churchill downs owned tracks please contact the gov. of ky and tell him that you are going to boycott everything Ky. related since he is trying take the domain names of 140 casino and poker sites. The state run betting site for churchill downs is call twin spires, let him know you will not use it or attend races in ky and the other tracks in IL/Fla/La . If you live in ky do not buy lottery tickets and tell this jerk your saving your money to go to gamble out of state.
    Please keep this man out of your pc.....he is even trying to shutdown non gambling poker sites. This has repercussions on all players If this goes thru alot of sites will no longer let any and I mean any U.S. players play and then gang we are all screwed.
    If you google contact the gov. of ky it takes you right to his site....let this man know he needs to keep his nose out of your pc.

    Thank You and please help us keep playin

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    USCTrojans Guest


    Sorry that I cant help but I hope that you are all able to screw this guy and have him stop this crap he's doing.

    I believe threatening the Horse Racing Gambling is a great way to have him come around.

    Best of luck mate!

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    bio is offline Gambling Guru
    Join Date
    Mar 2006


    yes i believe if all of ky members stop the horse racing bets you'll make him open his eyes....

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    duckey Guest

    Default help us play

    Thanks gang for the support...
    Remember if you live in Il/Fla/La churchilldowns owns race tracks in those states contact our gov. and let him know that even if you dont live here you wont spend money at those tracks because of this.............every little bit helps. duckey

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    Lilred36's Avatar
    Lilred36 is offline Gambling God
    Join Date
    Oct 2005


    Will do Duckey, will do.

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    USCTrojans Guest


    Best of luck, I think they are really getting into people's rights with these kind of actions...

    And bottomline is that because they havent been able to tax it, then they dont wanna let it happen, thats just bull....

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    Lilred36's Avatar
    Lilred36 is offline Gambling God
    Join Date
    Oct 2005


    well you guy's hit it on the head, if they can get a slice then it would probally change.

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